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LuatViet Law Firm

LuatViet Law Firm logo
Head office:19th Floor - Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton Street
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
Viet Nam
Phone:+84 8 38248440
Fax:+84 8 38248441
Representative:Lawyer Mr. Tran Duy Canh

Law Firm Overview

Ever since LuatViet was established in 1999 its mission has always been its “Clients Success.”
LuatViet has grown exponentially since its conception, further justifying our mission to be a client oriented law firm, with a constant aim towards becoming, not only your advisor of law, but a legal partner that the client can trust.

We have assembled and developed a team of lawyers and staff that are accomplished and experienced. This has helped LuatViet succeed in creating a reputation as a leading law firm in Vietnam with the highest professional and international character.. Our attorneys studied at first rate law schools from Vietnam, Australia, to the USA. Furthermore, we have formed many partnerships with firms in such countries, along with Thailand and Korea. In Vietnam, our local lawyers have fostered substantial relationships with the authorities. These strengths allow us to satisfy our client’s complex needs at the highest degree of care and success.

In addition, our international reputation is reflected in our diverse and multinational clients such as Coca-Cola, Shell, Unilever, Nike, Vietnam Breweries, Bluescope Buildings, Bluescope Steel, Vina Koei Steel, Bayer, Thien Long, Samco, Agtex, etc. Furthermore, our reputation is reflected in the diverse sectors that our clients come from such as Chemicals, Steel, Communication, Construction, Consumer Retail, Electronics, Energy, Finance, Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Textiles, Trading, etc.

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